Our Mission

Welcome to the Cancer Survivorship Research Team (CSRT) webpage! Our lab investigates the impact of cancer treatments on various functions of overall well being. We look at sleep, fatigue, cognition and neuronal changes that are associated with quality of life. We currently have two studies open. One looks at using behavioral interventions to improve sleep, fatigue and quality of life in cancer patients and survivors. The other looks at newly diagnosed women and how their cognition is affected after cancer. We also investigate the relationship between dysregulation of the neuroendocrine stress response system, sleep problems, fatigue, and disease progression in cancer patients with primary and metastatic cancers.

We have a few exciting, paid positions available in the upcoming future! One requires at least a bachelors-level degree, and the other requires at least a masters-level degree. If interested, please email Dr. Oxana Palesh: opalesh@stanford.edu.

For Interested Participants

Please go to the "Projects" tab for eligibility and information on our recruting studies.