Cancer Survivorship Research Team


Our team is led by Dr. Oxana Palesh, who is the Stanford Cancer Survivorship Research Director. The team currently includes Dr. Palesh, Karyn Haitz, Carl DeGuzman, Tara Emrani, and Jia Luo.

Our studies primarily investigate the impact of cancer treatments on sleep, fatigue and quality of life. Our current projects focus on using behavioral and pharmacological interventions to improve sleep, fatigue and quality of life in cancer patients and survivors. Secondarily, we also investigate the relationship between dysregulation of the neuroendocrine stress response system, sleep problems, fatigue, and disease progression in cancer patients with primary and metastatic cancers.

For Interested Participants

If you are a patient currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer, please see our MOSAIC study here.

If you are a BMT patient who is currently or will begin treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, please see our BMT study here.

If you are a patient who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, please see our Pancreatic Cancer study here.